Trailer Options

Make your trailer your own with these upgrade options

3rd Axle-Hendrickson Intraax w/UBL-001 Under Beam Lift Assembly with Single Tires
Air Ride - Hendrickson Intraax
Smooth Sides
Floor - Last 12 Feet 3/8" Thick
9" Hydraulic Cylinder
Two-Speed Landing Gear - Eagle
2 Air Vibrators Installed with Electrical Solenoid
Barn Door - Two Way Tailgate
Solid Weld Side Stakes
Rubber Sealed Tailgate
Sand Door - Coal Door in Tailgate
Tarp Hooks
9" - 12" Apron (12" max.)
Aluminum Wheels (8) polished outside
66" Sides
72" Sides
Cinch Downs for Tailgate

Upgrading your trailer is simple and affordable